The state of knowledge about LGBTQI migrants living in Canada and global LGBTQI rights

The global landscape of diverse sexual and gender expressions and identities is marked by uneven levels of societal acceptance, active exclusion and multiple forms of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people. At the same time, forced migrations continue to increase, as people are forced out of their countries of origin due to factors such as war, dictatorship, persecution, development, resource extraction and environmental disasters. These social, economic and political conditions are inseparable from the homophobic and transphobic violence that often compel LGBTQI people from the Global South to migrate to countries such as Canada.

This website highlights the results of a project that aimed to critically assess the state of knowledge of LGBTQI migrants living in Canada in relation to the state of global LGBTQI realities and migrations. Conducting a scoping review, a broad range of literature (i.e. articles, book chapters, etc.) from the last decade was rapidly assessed in order to map out key themes, tensions as well as strengths and gaps in knowledge about this topic. In total, 241 publications were included in this scoping review. This project also highlights various policy and practice implications for LGBTQI migrants living in Canada and identifies key areas for future research.

The results from this project is shared through its final report, executive summary and fact sheets. In the resources section, we will share key organizations that support and/or engage in research with and about LGBTQI realities and migrants. Check out the blog section to watch out for the latest events, news and publications about LGBTQI realities and migrations!


Welcome to our website! Please feel free to peruse the various sections of this website for the results of our scoping review project that assessed the latest scholarship about international realities of LGBTQI migrants. This blog section will allow us to post ongoing and upcoming events, campaigns and research related to the topic of LGBTQI...